Revolution in the North MP3


Over 6 hours of audio on an MP3 CD.


In this series, join Daniel and Joshua Horn on a tour of the important New England sights of the founding of the United States. Begin at Plymouth, where the Pilgrims landed and established many of the Biblical principles that are the foundations of our county. Continue on to hear the story of the Revolution in Boston, a city that proved pivotal to the Revolution. Hear the alluring stories of the War for Independence, from Lexington and Concord, where the war began, to Saratoga, one of the greatest victories for the fledgling American forces.

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01. The Pilgrims (33 min)
02. King Phillip’s War (28 min)
03. Pilgrim Characters (17 min)
04. Forefather’s Monument (14 min)
05. Opening Remarks (12 min)
06. Copps Burying Ground (19 min)
07. Lead up to the American Revolution (21 min)
08. King’s Chapel Burying Ground (22 min)
09. Boston Massacre (24 min)
10. Granary Burying Ground (21 min)
11. Boston Tea Party (11 min)
12. Paul Revere’s Ride Poem (5 min)
13. Paul Revere (17 min)
14. Paul Revere’s Ride (14 min)
15. Battle of Lexington (14 min)
16. Battle of Concord (23 min)
17. Battle of Bunker Hill (16 min)
18. Siege of Boston (14 min)
19. Battle of Bennington (13 min)
20. Shay’s Rebelion (9 min)
21. Battle of Saratoga (28 min)
22. Closing Remarks (5 min)