War and Reformation MP3


Over 9 hours of audio on an MP3 CD.


In this tour, hear Daniel and Joshua Horn tell the stories of the Protestant Reformation in Europe, and its effect in the wars of the succeeding centuries. Hear the stories of the great reformers in Switzerland and Germany, such as Ulrich Zwingli’s death in battle, John Calvin’s return to Geneva, and Martin Luther’s defense at Worms. Then dive in to the wars that have ravaged Europe for centuries, from the knights of the Middle Ages, Napoleon’s downfall at Waterloo, to the horrors of trenches of the Great War, and the rise of the Nazis in World War II.

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01. Introduction (36 min)
02. Saltzburg (25 min)
03. Ulrich Zwingli (20 min)
04. Zwilngi as Statesman and Soldier (19 min)
05. Heroes of the Reformation (30 min)
06. Martin Bucer (28 min)
07. Calvin in Strasbourg (4 min)
08. Martin Luther (34 min)
09. Thirty Years War (12 min)
10. Castle Coucy (4 min)
11. Battle of Crecy (23 min)
12. Battle of Agincourt (25 min)
13. French Revolution (29 min)
14. Napoleon Bonaparte (13 min)
15. Battle of Waterloo (40 min)
16. Napoleon to World War I (5 min)
17. The Great War (14 min)
18. Battle of the Somme (22 min)
19. Battle of Ypres (25 min)
20. Castles (24 min)
21. George Patton (24 min)
22. Luxembourg (6 min)
23. Rise of the Nazis (30 min)
24. Battle of France (22 min)
25. Battle of the Bulge (30 min)