Civil War in the West MP3


Over 4 1/2 hours of audio on an MP3 CD.


Join Daniel and Joshua Horn in this series to explore the oft-forgotten Western Theater of the American Civil War. Hear the stories of the exciting campaigns that led to the collapse of the Confederacy, from the capture of Fort Donelson, the near Union disaster at Shiloh, to Grant’s capture of Vicksburg, the Gibraltar of the Confederacy. Explore the great Confederate victory at Chickamauga, the failed siege of Chattanooga, and the largest surrender of Confederate troops during the war at the Bennett Place.

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01. Introduction (20:27)
02. Andrew Jackson (32:15)
03. National Bank (20:08)
04. Battle of Fort Donelson (29:38)
05. Ulysses Grant (06:63)
06. Battle of Shiloh (22:32)
07. Siege of Vicksburg (15:30)
08. Ironclads (07:41)
09. Battle of Chickamauga (38:51)
10. Henry Halleck (11:07)
11. Battle of Lookout Mountain (12:12)
12. Battle of Chattanooga (09:36)
13. Jefferson Davis (23:39)
14. Bennett Place Surrender (12:31)