Battles of the Civil War Series


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The American Civil War was a pivotal point in the history of our nation, yet many people do not really understand the events which caused it, or how the conflict re-shaped our nation. Now students and adults can travel with Dan Horn and Discerning History to understand the men and events that led to the Civil War, all from a uniquely Christian worldview. This two volume set analyzes the battles and campaigns of the war, and traces the stories of men, generals and politicians which participated in the conflict.

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Set Contains

Rise of the Confederacy Series

The Civil War changed the United States forever. On hundreds of battlefields millions of men struggled in a colossal conflict that would define the future of the nation. Join us in this seven part series to explore the first half of the Civil War. Come with us to the battlefields as we meet with the nation’s greatest historians to explore their stories. Hear the tales of victory and defeat, bravery and cowardice, daring and danger. Watch as the war begins in earnest along the banks of Bull Run, and see how the Confederate struggles to beat back the Union forces, from the woods of Tennessee, to the plains of Maryland, to the Atlantic Ocean. View this series.

This series includes seven exciting DVDs:

  1. First Blood at Manassas
  2. Struggle on the Seas
  3. Valley Campaign
  4. Lee Takes Command
  5. Antietam – America’s Bloodiest Day
  6. The West – Fort Donelson
  7. The West – Shiloh

Victory of the Union Series

After two years of bloody conflict, the American Civil War was still unresolved and some of the hardest fighting lay ahead. Join us in this seven part series as the South is crushed and the country is reunited. Travel with us to battlefields such as Gettysburg, with its huge number of casualties, Vicksburg where the South was cut in half, and Chickamauga, where the Union armies met defeat in the west. Hear from eminent historians about the campaigns of Grant, Sherman and Meade, and how Lee, Johnston and Bragg strove to hold them back. Watch the Confederacy crumble, see where the main surrenders took place, and step into the Reconstruction era, when the tattered South was readmitted into a very different Union. View this series.

This series includes seven exciting DVDs:

  1. Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville
  2. Gettysburg
  3. Vicksburg
  4. East to the Sea
  5. The Overland Campaign
  6. The Confederacy Crumbles
  7. Reconstruction


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