“A poor laboring man that lives by his hands having been faithful in that place and performing sincere obedience therein to God may have as much comfort on his deathbed, as the best minister and magistrate, whose service yet is in itself far more honorable. Yea if his sincerity in his calling be greater than theirs is in theirs, his comfort also shall be greater.”[1]

“We will not so wonder at him that maketh a good image of gold, as at him that maketh as good of meaner matter. So to see zeal, faith, love in preaching the word, in governing a kingdom, and such like works, is not so admirable as in keeping of sheep, seeping the house, etc.”[2]

1. Daniel Dyke, The Mystery of Self-Deceiving: A Discovery of the Deceitfulness of Man’s Heart (Ames, IA: International Outreach, Inc, 2013), p. 281.
2. Ibid, p. 319-320.

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