The last few years haven’t seen much activity on the Discerning History website or Youtube channel. The Horn family has been busy with other projects, including building the house pictured above.

But all this will be changing. We are back, and excited to share new articles and videos with you. We have a pretty interesting series of videos on the Hussites and the crusades against them that will be appearing here on the site and on Youtube soon. We’ve got a lot of great articles from John Huffman on mighty men of the past ready go to up. 2020 and 2021 are the 400th anniversary of the coming of the Pilgrims, and we plan to put out some content to help you remember this monumental event in our country’s history. Follow our blog, Youtube and Instagram to catch the new content as its posted.

We’ve also been developing some exciting ideas on covering the history behind current events, so stay tuned to see whether that show ever sees the light of day…

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