Interested in touring Italy and Austria with us? Our annual history tour has a few spots still open. The dates are May 7-18, 2024, get the rest of the details here.

We will begin the tour in Pompeii and travel across the Alps to Vienna, visiting castles, climbing church towers, and exploring sites important to Reformation history. We will start at ancient Roman ruins of Pompeii and consider how the Roman Catholic church tried to reestablish that empire. Visit Rome, where Christians were fed to lions to entertain the people. See St. Peter’s Cathedral which required so such money that it exposed the ungodly Roman Catholic system. Go to Florence, the heart of the Renaissance, and hear how the humanists prepared the way for the Reformation. Travel to Konstanz and hear about the corruption of the Roman Catholic church and how that led to the martyrdom of Jan Hus. Hear about the Italian martyrs who died for their faith even as the Reformation was failing in Italy, and how the Roman Catholics tried to reinvent themselves in Trent. We will conclude in Vienna – the capital of the Hapsburg empire that promoted Roman Catholicism until it ended at WWI.