2015 Horn Family Tours

War and Reformation Europe Tour

The Horn family invites you to join us on our tour of Europe this year, where we will study the Reformation and its effects on European history. On June 9 we will begin our journey in Munich, Germany and discover the horrors of the Holocaust at Dachau. We will spend two nights in Salzburg, Austria to visit Hitler’s Eagle’ Nest in the Alps, Mozart’s birthplace, and more. Then we travel to Zurich, Switzerland where Ulrich Zwingli preached, then we journey to Calvin’s Geneva, a central location of the Reformation. Next we’ll stop in Strasbourg, France to learn about Martin Bucer and in Worms, Germany where Martin Luther stood up to the Catholic church. While staying in the Ardennes region we will visit Medieval castles and some of the most important battlefields in European history: including Agincourt and Crecy, from the Hundred Years War, the Somme, one of the most horrific battles of World War I, and the surprise German World War II counterattack at the Battle of the Bulge. Finally, we will conclude the tour at the Battle of Waterloo bicentennial reenactment before leaving from historic Brussels.

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Massachusetts Tour


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