If you are familiar with the Pilgrim story you will know that they departed for America three different times. Dartmouth was the second for the Pilgrims, but we visited it first.

Looking out to the ocean from Dartmouth Castle, a harbor defense dating to Bradford’s time
A church inside Dartmouth Castle
On the hill just above Dartmouth Castle is an older castle dating to medieval times
Dartmouth Waterfront
The castle sits further down the right side, toward the gap to the ocean. In the foreground is another Pilgrim era fort
The houses on the right side, called “the Butterwalk” date from just after Bradford’s era, but still give a sense of what the 17th century town looked like
Boats sit on the mud in the harbor
This church in town was standing in the Pilgrim’s time
The Dartmouth Museum, in a house in the Butterwalk, has an exhibit on the Pilgrims, including this large model of the Mayflower