Editor’s Note: We are pleased to announce a new series brought to us by John Huffman recounting the stories of the great mighty men of the past. You can expect new posts several times a month over the coming year. 

The Siege of Jerusalem

The Bible presents us with the historical records of the “mighty men” of Scripture. The lives of Abraham, Joshua, Gideon, David, Benaiah, Jehoiada, Josiah, Isaiah, Daniel, John the Baptist, Peter, Paul, and Tychicus are described and held up to us as noble examples. Following these Biblical narratives, the “Tales of Mighty Men” seeks to preserve the record of the “mighty men” of Christian history. Each issue in this series gives a brief biographical sketch of the life and character of a specific “mighty man.” Some of these men were warriors. Some were pastors. Some were civil magistrates. Some were merchants or farmers. Some were famous. Others were unknown in their generation. These stories range in time from the earliest days of the Roman persecutions all the way up to our modern era. Reformation martyrs, Waldense soldiers, Scottish Covenanters, Hawaiian princes, English Puritans, American patriots, French Huguenots, and bold missionaries traversing the interior regions of Africa are presented here. It is my prayer that these sketches will encourage, inspire, and edify a new generation of “mighty men” and “virtuous women.” Each biographical sketch ends with book recommendations so that the interested reader can learn more about the heroes presented.