The American Civil War was a pivotal point in the history of our nation, yet many people do not really understand the events which caused it, or how the conflict re-shaped our nation. Now students and adults can travel with Dan Horn and Discerning History to understand the men and events that led to the Civil War, all from a uniquely Christian worldview. Causes of the Civil War is the first of the War Between the States Series, a three volume set that analyzes the events that led to the war, studies the battles and campaigns, follows the end-results to the present, and helps viewers think more biblically about history. Although designed for homeschool high school students, all ages find it interesting and informative.

Discerning History: Causes of the Civil War is composed of seven hour long episodes, online resources, and a 242 page study guide containing selections from primary sources, illustrations, in-dept commentary, suggested reading, and a final exam. In this study guide accompaniment toDiscerning History: Causes of the Civil War, you can delve deeper into the history of how the bloodiest war in American History came to be.

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