Tanks and bulldozers land. A flair burns on shore.
Tanks and bulldozers land. A flair burns on shore.


Commandos sail towards a crowded beach


British commandos exit the landing craft. Directly in front of the camera is bagpiper Bill Millin. In the water to the right of the column is the unit’s commander – Brigadier the Lord Lovat.


British troops wait for orders to advance up the beach


The wounded being cared for


Sword Beach soon fills with vehicles and men
Royal Marine Commandos move inland
Commandos clear Ouistreham in house to house fighting
Tanks pass through Lion sur Mer


  1. Great pictures!

    In the third picture, Bill Millin and Lord Lovat were the first ‘official’ people across the captured Pegasus Bridge five miles inland. I am going to be visiting Pegasus Bridge in a few weeks, and am looking forward to being in the same spot where these events happened.

    William M.

    1. William,
      I didn’t remember that, thanks for the comment.

      We had the chance to go to Normandy a few years back, but we only had part of a day there so we couldn’t go beyond the main American sites – Utah, Omaha, Point Du Hoc, etc. Of the places we went, I would say Point Du Hoc was the best. There’s a great story behind it, and plenty of German bunkers and guns left as well as craters from the Allied attack.


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