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Was Sherman a War Criminal?

Was Sherman a War Criminal?

This month is the 150th anniversary of Sherman’s infamous March across Georgia to the Sea. After years of war, Union General William Tecumseh Sherman had the opportunity to strike through the heart of Confederacy. His goal was to undermine the Confederate war effort by breaking the civilians& ... Read More
Hour Tours 2014 - Waterloo and Massachusetts

Hour Tours 2014 – Waterloo and Massachusetts

The Horn Family will be doing two different tours in 2015. Our annual September tour will be in Massachusetts, and we are also doing a special two-week tour of Europe covering the Protestant Reformation, the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Water ... Read More

Sherman’s March to the Sea

One of the most infamous campaigns of the Civil War was William Tecumseh Sherman’s march through Georgia to the Sea. In this video, we ask how bad was it? Was what Sher ... Read More

Time Capsule Placed by Paul Revere and Samuel Adams Unearthed

A time capsule placed in the cornerstone of the Massachusetts State House as been uncovered. It was placed as part of a Masonic ceremony by Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, and others. Read about theĀ ... Read More
Charge of the 1st Minnesota

Charge of the 1st Minnesota

Charge of the 1st Minnesota on the 2nd Day of the Battle of Gettysburg. (Painting by Don Troiani for the National Guard.) ... Read More

Japan’s Surrender in World War II

US Navy World War II veteran Dr. Benjamin James describes what he saw when Japan surrendered. ... Read More