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Francis Drake's Prayer: Fact or Fiction?

Francis Drake’s Prayer: Fact or Fiction?

Drake with his crest and the motto “Great things from Small” There is an interesting prayer that appears in books and websites and is attributed to Sir Francis Drake, an English 16th century explorer and soldier. It goes like this: Disturb us, Lord, when We are too well pleased with our ... Read More

The Tumultuous Election 1860

The most turbulent contested election in American history may have been that of 1860. Splits in the parties produced four candidates winning significant numbers of votes, and ... Read More
Peter Bartholomew - Life and Death of a Fanatical Fraud

Peter Bartholomew – Life and Death of a Fanatical Fraud

The First Crusade, from 1096 – 1099, was a truly remarkable event. Tens of thousands of soldiers, pilgrims and churchmen from all across Europe, impelled by religious zeal, a search for adventure, or a desire for money, fame or glory, set out to capture Jerusalem from the Muslim. There are many fa ... Read More
Catching a Runaway with Poetry

Catching a Runaway with Poetry

A Fulling Mill On March 6, 1776, this poem was published in the Pennsylvania Gazette, as an advertisement to catch a young servant who had run away from his master: This present instant, on the fourteenth day, My apprentice boy did run away; Thomas Stillenger he is called by name, His indenture fu ... Read More