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The 16 Year Old General

The 16 Year Old General

If you were to find yourself on the outskirts of the small village of Crecy, France, on August 26 1346, you would find a sight very strange to modern eyes. Thousands of Englishmen arrayed for battle against the French, and at the head of one of the English divisions, a 16 year old boy. Edward Woodst ... Read More

Ed Bearss on the Western Theater of the Civil War

Ed Bearss, the famous NPS historian, discusses the Union strategy in the West during the Civil War, including the Anaconda Plan, the Vicksburg Campaign, and Sherman’s M ... Read More
Victory of the Union Now Available!

Victory of the Union Now Available!

Our latest video on the American Civil War, Victory of the Union, is now available! Purchase it now from our store. After two years of bloody conflict, the American Civil War was still u ... Read More
Were the British

Were the British “Lions Led by Donkeys?”

Going ‘Over the Top’ One of the most famous sayings to come out of the First World War was that the British infantrymen on the Western Front were “lions led donkeys.” It is an easy position to take. A cursory view will show you that the Allies were attacking the German trench ... Read More
Ulrich Zwingli's Death at Kappel

Ulrich Zwingli’s Death at Kappel

Panorama of Zurich. Full Size. Ulrich Zwingli is typically remembered as a reformer, leading the city of ... Read More