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Battle of Galveston

Battle of Galveston

Galveston in 1871 The largest of the Confederate States of America by far was Texas, and although Texans fought in every major battle of the Civil War, their home state would see nearly no fighting. It was still nearly the frontier in the 1860s, and out of the course of the military campaigns. But t ... Read More
Charles Sumner - Crime Against Kansas

Charles Sumner – Crime Against Kansas

Sumner in 1865 When Kansas sent a pro-slavery constitution to Congress to become a state, Sumner again jumped into action. He again opposed Stephen Douglas, believing that the convention which wrote the Constitution was not freely elected. One historian wrote: Certain that Douglas’s picture of eve ... Read More
Charles Sumner - Republican Firebrand

Charles Sumner – Republican Firebrand

Sumner in 1850 Charles Sumner was a member of the Whig Party, which was one of the two main political parties along with the Democrats. He was part of the faction called the Conscience Whigs, who were opposed to slavery. Although he said he had no ambitions for a higher political office, he was poli ... Read More