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One Soldier's Experience of the Battle of Camden

One Soldier’s Experience of the Battle of Camden

The Battle of Camden On April day in 1851, an old man walked into the office of the justice of the peace in Talladega County, Alabama. He was there to tell the tale of his service many years before in the War for Independence, so that he could file for a pension. His story began as a sickly young m ... Read More

Methods and Science of Civil War Photography

We talk with photographer Rob Gibson about the different types of Civil War photography, and the art and science behind them. Tintypes, daguerreotypes, albumen prints, and mo ... Read More
Biblical History in the British Museum

Biblical History in the British Museum

The British Museum in London contains many of the most amazing artifacts ever discovered. It was here that Britons, and their armies, sent the prizes that they discovered in their travels around the world. In this article, we’ll examine some of the fascinating ancient artifacts that relate to ... Read More
Franklin's Lost Ship, the HMS Terror Found

Franklin’s Lost Ship, the HMS Terror Found

The wreck of the terror from the Arctic Research Foundation. The loss of Sir John Franklin’s 1845 expedition to find the Northwest Passage was one of the worst disasters in polar exploration. Many expeditions were sent to look for it, but they were all unsuccessful. Two years ago Canadians fou ... Read More

What a Revolutionary War Battle was Like

It can be difficult for anyone, especially for a civilian who has never heard a shot fired in anger, to imagine what a battle of the American Revolution would have been like. Billowing clouds of smoke, a thundering cacophony of sound, adrenaline coursing through your body, and many other factors com ... Read More
James Thornwell: Our Danger and Our Duty

James Thornwell: Our Danger and Our Duty

A sickly boy made his way slowly through the streets of Columbia, South Carolina. Few would have predicted any kind of future for him. He was short and thin. His eyes were half-obscured by heavy lids that drooped noticeably. His skin was a sickly yellowish color. Everyone believed that he would die ... Read More