ColonizationWeekly Video

How the Pilgrims Changed the World – Plymouth 400th Anniversary

We consider how God used the Pilgrims to change the world, and what we should learn from their example in modern times. This video was filmed at a Reformation Day Event hosted by Reformation Baptist Church. For more information, visit
Civil WarWeekly Video

How Ed Bearss Found the USS Cairo

The USS Cairo was a Union ironclad during the American Civil War, and was the first ship sunk by a torpedo (now called mine). Hear the story of how the USS Cairo was found from its rediscoverer, the late great Ed Bearss. Learn more about Bearss here. Get the full DVD here.
Middle AgesVideos

Secrets of the Castle Video Series

We're pleased to recommend this series, originally broadcast on the BBC, Secrets of the Castle. Join the series' hosts, Peter Ginn, Tom Pinfold, and Ruth Goodman, for a look inside an ongoing decades long project to build a castle in modern times. Learn about every day life in the middle ages, castle building techniques, and the methods of medieval warfare.
ReformationWeekly Video

Synod of Dort 400th Anniversary – Full Conference Messages

2019 is the 400th Anniversary of the Synod of Dort, an international assembly of representatives of Reformed Churches unlike any other in church history. In commemoration of this event, we hope that you enjoy these (mostly) unedited messages from a Reformation Day Celebration held by Reformation Baptist Church in Wake Forest, NC. 0:31 - William the Silent by Jonathan Sides 21:11 - History of the Synod of Dort by Joshua Horn 43:16 - Theology of the Synod of Dort by Dan Horn For more information on next year's event, or information on hosting your own, please visit this site.