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Philip Melanchthon: Luther’s Partner

Many Christians know the name of Martin Luther, but how much do you know about Philip Melanchthon? He was Luther's collaborator, and his influence was very important in the Reformation.
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Escapes from Colditz Castle

Colditz Castle is famous in WW2 history as the "Bad Boys" POW camp, where Allied POWs were sent who had attempted to escape from another camp. Were they able to get out of this "escape proof" camp? We highly recommend that you schedule a visit to Colditz Castle if you are in the area. You can see incredible artifacts and visit many parts of the castle that are closed to the public.
AncientWeekly Video

History of Solar Eclipses

Next week millions of Americans will watch a total solar eclipse. Now they are a fascinating phenomenon, but in ancient times they were seen as having a much larger impact. At one point one even stopped a battle!
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Muslims Invade Europe! // Salzburg Castle Stands Strong

ISIS has been all over the news, and it may seem like Islam is more militant than every before. But did you know they were spread fire more widely during the Middle Ages, with footholds in Spain, Italy, Hungary and even threatening Austria? See Hohensalzburg, an impressive castle that would have stood against that threat.