Technology may change, but warfare never does. Video from the U.S. Army War College.


  1. Inspiring. However, with the technology of drones acting as avatars, from the sky and soon the ground, this may not be true. A leader makes the decision and a few buttons are pushed. War, as history defines it, requires there to be a terrible cost and risk from both sides. If one side risks nothing but the cost of the metal and silicone this is not warfare but instead the act of a bully, who has no fear of its victim’s reprisal.

    For the record, I am a veteran. BECAUSE OF THIS, I say our nation does better by counting the cost of soldiers’ lives and THEN risking them than if we believe ourselves absolved of any restraint for at-arms-length military conquest via drone warfare. Such a change to our society’s view of war makes it only easier for our representatives to take actions further and further removed from what is permitted by the Constitution.

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